Saltwater pool

A saltwater pool uses salt and not clorine.

Saltwater pool


This means that instead of adding chlorine to the pool water, you add salt to the water at a level high enough to allow the machine to function, which also makes the water feel silkier.

Health Benefit

The lower chlorine concentration of a saltwater pool will be gentler on a swimmer’s skin. This is a benefit to swimmers with allergies, but anyone will enjoy smoother skin when swimming in the pool. No more swimsuit fading. Chlorine in a traditional pool is higher in concentration and can cause the skin to itch, burn, and become dry.
No more smell and taste of clorine!! An eco friendly system.

Saltwater system pool is currently the healthiest way to disinfect the pool water. This technology has been evolving constantly over the last decade and is gaining more and more fans.